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I decided to go ahead and make a new journal. I thought about deleting all of my entries from my account on Dreamwidth, but there was no way to mass delete all of them. It's easier to just pack up and move to a different journal space.

The reason why I wanted a new account was because...well, a lot of my recent posts just felt very depressing to read over. That, and it's not as organized as I would've liked, and there's far too many journal posts for me to sift through an edit.

My paid account on [personal profile] samatethecookie isn't going to expire until a couple of months. So I'll keep using that for personal, whiny thoughts, and posting to the writing community both the wifey and I own, until my services expire. (I can't help it. I like having extra icons.) Once that happens, this will be my only active blog from then on, outside of my Tumblr account.

As of now, this blog is mostly friends only. If you want to be added, please comment and let me know who you are. If I know you from somewhere, I'll add you.

If I don't recognize you, I'm not going to feel comfortable enough to give you access to my private posts. You're welcome to follow me for the occasional public posts, though.
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