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Sam ([personal profile] pastryqueen) wrote2013-09-25 03:00 am

Tagging System

So, here's how my tags are going to work.

[fandom] - Anything relevant to this fandom is going to get its own tag.
[person's name] - If I talk about a person, they'll get their own tag, too! (Family stuff just gets a regular ol' "family" tagged onto it.)
sam talks about stuff and things - If I talk about anything with my life, or what I did for the day/week/month/etc, I'll go ahead and put it under this tag.
sad sam is sad - Whenever I get really whiny or upset about something, the posts will be under a cut and properly tagged with this.
sam plays [ ... ] - Ramblings about video games I like, or what I'm currently playing.
meme - Memes I stumble across.
recipe - I like to bake and occasionally cook things. If I find a recipe I really enjoy, I'll share it!
nsfw - Not Safe For Work content.

I'll try and add trigger warnings in the titles of my entries, as well, if it's necessary.

If I think of anything else, I'll update this post.