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In lighter news, I've watched some new shows recently.

Daredevil - I heard good things from The Heroine's Journey, and a few of my mutuals and my younger sister really enjoyed it. I took my time with the episodes because it turned out to be more graphic than I anticipated, even with the warning from mutuals and podcast. I still ended up really enjoying it! I loved the writing, the characters, the was just brilliantly done and well-paced.

Sense8 - I'll be honest, I wasn't sure how to feel after watching the first two episodes. I thought the writing was a tad awkward, especially with Will and Wolfgang's scenes. (I never, ever want to hear a man talk about how he first got "his dick wet" ever again thanks to this show. Blech.) I stayed because Nomi and her girlfriend were a breath of fresh air, and I'm glad for that because I ended up loving it. Even characters I didn't expect to like pleasantly surprised me.

Girl Meets World - I just needed fluff, and I was curious since the whole season was up on Netflix. I really loved Boy Meets World so my expectations were set high. My verdict: I liked it just fine considering I'm not the target audience. It's cute, and there's glimpses of what made its predecessor special. However, it suffers from the fact it's airing on the Disney Channel, which led to a lot of episodes feeling watered down. I would blame it on the characters' ages, since they're thirteen at the start of season one, but I recall Cory and Shawn at that age were dealing with all sorts of hot topics like domestic violence and whatnot. Plus, I think it's a bit of a cop-out to make Maya almost exactly like Shawn except this one is an artist, not a poet! So, hoping it improves on those fronts, but I won't be surprised if they don't go there. and pls don't pair off Shawn with Maya's mother, he needs to get back together with Angela goddammit


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